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Welcome to the fundraising page of Zachery C.

  Hearing the words that your child has cancer is hard to grasp of the six letter word in which will change the way your current and future life will be. ZacheryMore...

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Welcome to the fundraising page of Zachery C.


Hearing the words that your child has cancer is hard to grasp of the six letter word in which will change the way your current and future life will be.

Zachery was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma of the foot in 2010 at the age of 10. He has always been a very active young man. Zachery completed 8 surgeries. Each one seemed to be more difficult than the last, but he never gave up. Zachery had learn to walk again and go through extensive therapy. Zachery has always said, "God chose me because I'm special". Those words were what got us through some of the most difficult days. Zachery was very quiet about what he was going through. He didn't want his friends to know because he thought they would treat him differently. He just wanted to be a normal kid. The family and his faith in our wonderful Lord kept him going.

During treatment, Zachery was told he could do all the things a regular kid could do, but that he would not ever play football due to the weakness and condition of his foot. Zachery didn't accept that. Instead, he pushed even harder to prove that he could do what he put his mind to. Zachery is a true fighter. Cancer was not the only time he had to fight. When Zachery was two he had a seizure that left him in a coma-like-state. We truly believe that God has a plan for Zachery. We can't wait to see what each day will bring.

Zachery graduated from Emanuel County Institute in Twin City, Ga. in 2017. He played football for six years at ECI as a defensive/offensive lineman. Zachery received several awards from his High School and recognition within the state of Georgia. Zachery was also chosen to play in the 2017-2018 "All American Bowl Game" at Kennesaw State University. Zachery has been honored twice along with his football brothers at Southeastern University by winning their division Sun Conference championship. Zachery will tell anyone who asks that he found his true faith in God during his struggle and the love from his parents, sister, and family. Zachery has always been someone who enjoys helping others and sharing the Word of God.

Zachery just completed another mile stone, graduating from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Fl where he played the position of OL and Fullback and earning a degree in Kinesiology. Zachery's decision for his degree in Kinesiology, was to have a better understanding of the Human body and to be able to help others during illnesses and athletic injuries. Zachery has also completed an internship at SEU working full time while he was attending college full time. Zachery recently landed a job at Claxton Middle school as an ISS teacher and has joined the coaching staff for Middle school and High School football. Clearly God is not done writing his story. Zachery desires to leave a positive impact on kids by motivating and encouraging them even in the most difficult situations.

Zachery always tells everyone, "Go after what you want. Never allow anyone to tell you, that you can't achieve something that you believe in. Each day you have to be better, than you were the day before."

We should never place Fear ahead of us, but instead always Faith in our glorious Lord!

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