Fundraiser's Toolkit


We're here to help you maximize your fundraising potential.




Here are ten easy steps to get you started:

  1. Show your commitment and contribute to your own fundraising page.
  2. Ask your spouse, parents and other family members to match your donation.
  3. Ask your co-workers to donate.
  4. Ask a vendor or supplier from your company.
  5. Ask friends to sponsor you.
  6. Ask members of a club you belong to.
  7. Send out a letter to your holiday card mailing list.
  8. Ask people at businesses that you frequent often.
  9. Ask someone who has asked you for a donation.
  10. Ask your boss for a company contribution. Many companies offer matching for their employee’s donations. Check if your company is interested in supporting ARF in this way.



Everyone has a story, and many intertwine with an animal that has made a positive and profound impact in their life. Let that be your guide as you fundraise.

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Ask yourself: Why are you fundraising for ARF?

No matter what type of story you have, you can move and inspire people to donate to your effort by briefly sharing it with them and connecting it back to the cause of animal welfare and ARF.

Reveal the details of the story behind why you’re raising funds:

  • Email a link to your page to friends and family along with a short description of why you’re fundraising.
  • Post the link to your social media platforms (Facebook groups, alumni pages, etc.)

Ask them to donate:

Close the email, post, or conversation with a simple ask for a donation. You can be specific on the dollar amount providing the reason why you’re looking for that amount or you can simply accept what they are willing to give.

Create different versions of emails depending on who you send it to. For example, an email to your friends can be more casual while including an ask for a general donation. You know your network better than anyone – utilize it.

Here are some creative ideas to gain additional support:

  • Organize a fundraising event: host a fun food event like chili cook-offs, host a garage sale with your neighbors, bake sales, etc.
  • Have your cat or dog make the ask. Who can say no to that face?
  • Start a Facebook fundraiser.

Say Thanks:

Remember to thank your donors. You can thank them in a simple email, handwritten card or phone call. Include a short description outlining the impact of their donation. Keep the conversation about the event going.
Don’t forget to follow up with people who have not responded. After some time has passed, send one or two follow ups.

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