CCAN’s Polar Bear Plunge has two types of teams. Most teams are Plungers and their friends, however if you're affiliated with a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, you can consider the option of creating a Fundsharing team. Please find more information about the types of teams, how to create a team, and how to join a team below. 


Family and Friends Team: Make the Polar Bear Plunge THE event of February for your family and friends. Come together, create a fun name, fundraise together, come up with a fund costume idea, and plunge together to make it a memorable experience for everyone. Just make sure your team leader registers first and creates the team during the sign-up process before other team members attempt to sign up.

Nonprofit Fundsharing Team: CCAN makes this option available to nonprofit allies who would like to Plunge to raise funds for their own programs, in addition to CCAN. CCAN and the team will split the funds raised 50-50. To participate as a Fundsharing team we ask the team to raise a minimum of $1,000, but that’s not hard and we encourage you to set your sights high, especially since you can have unlimited team members. The partner nonprofit handles recruiting for their team and selecting a captain to coordinate with us; we’ll handle all the plunger support materials, event promotion, planning, and day-of logistics.

If you're interested in forming a non-profit or faith based team for fundsharing opportunities, please email Janet Redman at [email protected]

Blue Water Baltimore has been participating as a Plunge Fundsharing team for years. The goals of Blue Water Baltimore are big: restore the quality of Baltimore’s rivers, streams and Harbor to create a healthy environment, a strong economy, and thriving communities. In 2021, their 6-person Plunge team raised $5,340 and they used the funds to help support a community organizing effort in the lower Gwynns Falls valley. They’ll be back for this year's plunge, taking the Plunge in Gunpowder State Park!

Appalacian Voices (AppVoices) is a regional advocacy organization that was formed to protect the air, water, land and communities of the Appalachian Mountains. They partnered with CCAN in the major defeat of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in July, 2020. Now, both groups are fighting the fracked-gas Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) to make the way for distributed solar energy. AppVoices has also partnered with CCAN in another important way -- as a fundsharing team for the annual Polar Bear Plunge! In 2021, the team brought in over $3200. This year, they're coming back to help CCAN celebrate its 20th Anniversary year and advance their own worthy causes. 


Plunge Teams
Ice, Ice Baby
Raised $1,295.00
Team Herskomann
Raised $807.80
Mama Bears for Climate Action
Raised $460.00
John Boy's Polar Bears
Raised $276.40
Raised $187.00
Quaking Quakers of Washington
Raised $150.00
Feminist Chill-Joys
Raised $128.00
Loudoun Climate Project
Raised $125.00
Raised $123.40
The IPCC (Intergenerational Plungers Conquering Complacency)
Raised $100.00
Franciscan Action Network
Raised $100.00
Frozen Tundra
Raised $100.00
Appalachian Voices
Raised $70.00
Raised $60.00
Save the Pokemon
Raised $52.00
Potomac Riverkeeper Network
Raised $35.00
Richmond Team
Raised $0.00
Grumpy Bears
Raised $0.00
Team Z
Raised $0.00
Windy City Chill
Raised $0.00


Upon registering for the plunge you'll be given the opportunity to join a team. Follow the instructions to join a team and search for the team you would like to join. If you've forgot to join your team when you signed up, email [email protected] with the subject line "Plunge Team Request" and include your name and the name of the team you'd like to join.